Science and Technology

Orbital "Resource"

On the mission of the Russian spacecraft remote sensing (RS) "Resurs-P» № 3 (Resurs-P)


Russia and Belarus will create a cross-border population of bison

Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of Russia S.Donskoy sent a letter to the head of the environmental department of Belarus A.Kovuhto with a proposal to create a Russian-Belarusian population of bison


Belarusian "Planar" provides Russian companies most complicated equipment for microelectronics

Due to federal programs, the company sold products to 70 million dollars


Arkady Aronov: Belarus and the western territory of Russia - a uniform seismotectonic region

About seismological studies, prospects and value of the seismic monitoring systems postkomsg.com correspondent talked to the director of the Geophysical Monitoring Center (HMC National Academy of Sciences), Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Arkady Aronov


Scientific development of Belarusian schoolchildren have received prestigious awards in St. Petersburg

The city on the Neva took XII Baltic Science and Engineering Fair


Genetics Belarus and Russia spoke about the program "DNA identification"

It is designed for five years and includes two main blocks of research in the field of medical genetics and in the field, aimed at developing criminalistics


Mikhail Agranat: Always hit extremely high production in Belarus

On the joint research and development in the field of femtosecond laser technology, told us the head of the Department of laser plasma, Joint Institute for High Temperatures, Russian Academy of Sciences (Joint Institute for High Temperatures RAS), head of the femtosecond laser center, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences


Construction of units of Belarusian NPP is on schedule

The pace of construction is under special control of the Belarusian President and the Government of the Republic


Belarus celebrates Day of Science

Every year on the last Sunday of January, celebrating the Day of Belarusian Science. On the eve of this event, the Belarusian scientists told reporters about the new developments and plans


Program "SKIF Nedra" will reduce the dependence of Russian science from Western technology

Told portal www.soyuz.by spoke at the Joint Institute of Informatics Problems NASB


Roadmap program "SKIF Nedra" developed in the Union State

To correspondent portal www.soyuz.by told this to the Deputy Executive Director of the Valentina Medvedeva


Valery Tsepkala: Intelligent people - more important resource than oil and gas

Director of the State Institution "High Technology Park" talked about how successful the Belarusian IT development in the global market


Valery Tsepkala: our customers in the field of personnel management is even Google

Director of the State Institution "High Technology Park" spoke about how to develop the Belarusian Skolkovo


Valery Tsepkala: Belarus is becoming a significant player in the international IT market

Director of the State Institution "High-Tech Park," said of the progress over the last 10 years have made programmers Republic


List of the murderers of St. Prince Bogolyubsky archaeologists found on the walls of the ancient cathedral

In the XII century, he led the strongest in the whole of Russia Vladimir and Suzdal


Academy of Sciences of Belarus and the Alferov Foundation was named the winner of the contest for young scientists 2015

In 2015, the competition was held for the second time, winning it claimed six young scientists


"The weak and super-weak fields and radiation in biology and medicine": the results of the congress

Every three years in St. Petersburg hosts international conference "The weak and super-weak fields and radiation in biology and medicine." They are consistently the main organizer is the Russian Academy of Sciences. To participate in the meetings, seminars and forums attracts scientists from around the world. Often, you can meet and guests from Belarus


Gomel and Kaliningrad physicians share their experience

The visit of the representatives of the health care system of the Republic of Belarus took place in the framework of cooperation of the Kaliningrad region of Russia and the Gomel region of Belarus


The scientists and cultural figures of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine gathered in Minsk for dialogue

Communication takes place in the framework of the international conference


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