‘Brest Peace: Lenin’s trap for the Kaizer’s Germany’

Veche press has published ‘Brest Peace: Lenin’s trap for the Kaizer’s Germany’, written by Yaroslav Butakov


’DNA Genealogy as Recreation. Young science provides answers’

The Veche Press has published ’DNA Genealogy as Recreation


‘Golden Time’

The Tsentrpoligraf Press has published a new novel ‘Golden Time’ by the famous Russian public figure and writer Alexander Prokhanov


Neva No. 10, 2013


‘One and half hours of retribution’

This book tells of one of the most illuminating, yet, at the same time, almost unknown episodes of the Great Patriotic War – the uprising in the German Sobibor death camp.


‘Old manors in Belarus. Korelichsky District’

Amongst the publications ‘Old manors in Belarus’ there is a book devoted to the Korelichsky district of the Grodno Region.


Neva No. 9, 2013


Lithuanian-Russian State in the XIII – XVI centuries

The Harvest Press (Minsk) has just published ‘The Lithuanian-Russian State in the 13th – 16th centuries’ by Russian historian Alexander Evgenievich Presnyakov.


Literary Yearbook

The Zvyazda Publishing House (Minsk) has published the first ‘Literary Yearbook’ – a collection of stories written by the winners of the Union State contest for young writers.


Heroic deeds of the canonised elders of the Glinsk Hermitage - 20th century

In the middle of the 20th century everything of the external glory of the Glinsk Hermitage, a hedged monastery around a single hospital chapel, was swept away


"Lev Gumilev. Theory of ethnogenesis: great discovery or a hoax?"

During the last two decades no Russian scientist or philosopher has caused so much controversy as Lev Nikolaevich Gumilev


Neva No. 7, 2013


“Children of the New Moon”

Several years ago, I read the book “On breathing-out” written by Dmitry Polyakov-Katin, a writer unknown to me then, and I happily discovered a mature writer who delivers strength in his every word


“In the Wake of a Vanished Russia”

This book is very unusual in its genre


“Nicolas I. The Accidental Emperor”

In this book, the author, Leonid Lyashenko, not only tells us the life story of Nicolas the First but also answers some of the most difficult questions about Russian history


“We are together! Twin-cities of the Moscow and Minsk regions”

The book is devoted to friendship and cooperation between cities and towns of the Moscow and Minsk regions


“Gurtievtsy. From Omsk up to Berlin”.

In the introduction to his book, Dmitry Yazov, Marshal of the Soviet Union, wrote: "The most dramatic event of the 20th century was the Victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945


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