The book with which you need to go to Nesvizh Castle

The publishing house "Belarusskaya Navuka" published the book "The Artistic Culture of the Radziwill Nesvizh: XVIII-XXI centuries."


On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of BSU, five volumes of the publication "Intellectual Elite of Belarus" were published

Readers are presented with essays on 132 prominent scientists of Belarus.


The terrible truth about the war: "The spectacle that appeared before us is indescribable"

The publishing house "Belarusian Science" published a book by Izyaslav Kotlyarov "War - a time of exploits and tragedies. Chronicle of the events of the Great Patriotic War.


A book about how in 1939 the Belarusian capital could have moved from Minsk to Mogilev

The publishing house "Belaruskaya Navuka" published a book telling why such a decision was made and how the republic's authorities were preparing for the move.


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