RUSSIA didn’t leave BELARUS to face the crisis alone

Russia did not leave Belarus to overcome the crisis alone, Russia's ambassador to Belarus said on November, 30 in Minsk. The meeting of the Union State Supreme State Council took place on November 25 in Moscow. Both sides declared their intention to maintain and develop cooperation within the Union State. "It’s due to the fact that today in the Union State political issues, social issues, issues of military cooperation and defense are being addressed," - Alexander Surikov, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Russia to Belarus, said. For the conversion of the Union State in a legal object of international relations only one thing is missing - signing of the Constitutional Act of the Union State, he added. "Russia has not left Belarus alone with the crisis - Alexander Surikov said. - According to the Supreme State Council of the Union State 8 contracts and agreements were signed, the most essential one determined the price of gas for Belarus in 2012-2014 at the rate of $ 165.6 per cubic meter. In terms of that fact $ 2 billion will remain in the budget of Belarus. " Among other things, Mr. Ambassador highlighted the “Gazprom” purchase of the remaining 50% of "Beltransgaz" at the price set by Belarusian side - $ 2.5 billion, loan for the construction of nuclear power plant which is $ 10 billion. Surikov noted that the signing of these documents identified and resolved many of the existing problems between the two countries. "Until the end of 2012 Belarus will receive $ 3.9 billion, in 2012, taking into account $ 880 million loan EEC, 2 billion," union rate "of gas and $ 500 million for construction of nuclear power plant which equals $ 3.4 billion.


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