Semen Shapiro: Most often we contact with the Russian business

Chairman of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee held a press conference for the Belarusian and Russian media


"The basic principles of entering the civil service - openness, accessibility and justice"

About China, about what his experience might be of interest to Belarus - our conversation with political scientist, candidate of historical sciences Viktor Germenchuk


Deputy of the House of Representatives Irina Dorofeeva: There is an idea to create a competition with the support of the Union State, which will be called the "Duet of Nations"

In Minsk, topical issues of interaction between cultural figures, stage and show business of Belarus and Russia were discussed at a round table


Leonid Zayats: Belarus expects to lift restrictions on agricultural supplies to Russia in April

Minister of Agriculture and Food of Belarus told journalists about prospects of cooperation between agrarian departments of Russia and Belarus


Vladislav Artemov: "One great homeland, one great literature"

This year the "thick" literary magazine "Moscow" turns 60 years old. Its editor-in-chief Vladislav Vladimirovich Artiomov is a native of Belarus, and in his native language he created his first poems


Yegor Creed and Julio Iglesias Jr. will perform at the "Slavonic Bazaar" - 2017

Director of the famous international festival told what awaits the audience this year


Igor Petrishenko: It is important to involve young people in Russian and Belarusian theaters

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Belarus in Russia spoke about the role of art in strengthening ties between our countries


Corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus Anatoly Belous: "In the course of implementing the programs of the Union State, applied science is developing"

An example of such work, according to the academician, can be considered the leader of the electronic industry in Belarus - the holding company "Integral"


CEO of Integral Vitaly Solodukha: "Realization of the Union State programs is a real step towards reducing dependence of Russia and Belarus on the import of electronics"

Within the framework of the Union State, the leader of the electronic industry of Belarus is the holding company "Integral", which specializes in microelectronics - design and manufacture of electronic component base (ECB) - integrated microcircuits and discrete semiconductor devices


Director of the Elektronmash plant Oleg Goretsky: "In 2016, we produced 1.5 thousand artificial heart valves"

Minsk enterprise "Planar", which structure includes "Electronmash", successfully produces medical equipment, including for the needs of cardiology


Alexei Kubrin: Issues of national and common security within the framework of the Union State has always been a priority

Deputy State Secretary of the Union State spoke about the high-tech science and technology programs of the Union, of the power block programs that will be implemented in 2017, and the concepts of new programs in these fields


Igor Petrishenko: Belarus has been and remains an active member of the Union State

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Belarus to Russia underlined that Belarusian border guards in close contact with their Russian counterparts reliably protect the outer perimeter of the Union State


On which ruble should focus

Chairman of the Russian Accounts Chamber Tatyana Golikova - the project of the Union State budget for 2017


Tatiana Gross: Any bank of the EAEU will be able to operate throughout the Union

Member of the Board (Minister) on Integration and Macroeconomics of the Eurasian Economic Commission spoke about the plans of the EAEU


Irina Dorofeeva: "My life was going the way I wanted it"

The famous singer, honored artist of Belarus and a member of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus told about how difficult to combine work with a stage career in Parliament


Director of the National Art Museum of Belarus Vladimir Prokoptsov: "In the Year of Culture held the most important exhibition of the century"

National Art Museum of Belarus is considered to be the most important museums in the country - an interesting exhibition, custom designs, grandiose plans. About what the final year of culture in the museum field and, of course, about the plans, we spoke with the head of the museum Vladimir Prokoptsov


Ivan Melnikov: Union State will in 2017 more than 30 events

Union State in 2017 will celebrate its next anniversary


Igor Porshnev: "Russian and Belarusian filmmakers are preparing a new project"

Director General of the National Film Studio "BelarusFilm" spoke about the partnership relations between the two brotherly countries in the field of cinema and about the prospects of joint Russian-Belarusian film and television projects (part 2)


Igor Porshnev "BelarusFilm" Studio intends to continue to cooperate with the Russian cinematographers"

Director General of the National Film Studio "BelarusFilm" told about the traditions and perspectives of development of Russian-Belarusian relations in the field of cinema (Part 1)


Alexei Kubrin: The Standing Committee is ready to render all possible assistance to the Business Club of the Belarusian and Russian women

Deputy State Secretary of the Union State spoke at the Women's Business Conference Russia and Belarus


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