Alexei Kubrin: The Standing Committee is ready to render all possible assistance to the Business Club of the Belarusian and Russian women

Deputy State Secretary of the Union State spoke at the Women's Business Conference Russia and Belarus


Viktor Margelov: Russia and Belarus need to find a compromise, knowing that we are - a single unit

Co-chairman of the Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship, the first vice-chairman of the Minsk Capital Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers talked about how Russia and Belarus to overcome economic difficulties in bilateral relations (Part 2)


Viktor Margelov: Russia and Belarus - the next partners and allies

Co-chairman of Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship, the first vice-chairman of the Minsk Capital Union of entrepreneurs and employers told that interferes with the Russian-Belarusian relations to go to the next level (Part 1)


Federal program on creation of breeding and genetic centers in livestock will be developed, - Leonid Zayats

The minister recalled that the corresponding instruction was given to the presidents of Russia and Belarus during the visit of the exhibition "Belagro 2016"


Vladimir Gusakov: Only the Academy of Sciences of our countries provide the operating time development of national economies

Chairman of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences said that the contribution of the Union State academia contribute to its development


Expert: The ideology of the Union State should be based on a history of success

The philosopher and political analyst Alexei Dzermant proposed to create a triangle of Minsk - Moscow - St Petersburg


Grigory Rapota: We need to develop a relationship to the producers of a partner country as their national

Minsk hosted the II International financial-banking forum of CIS countries "Minsk business meetings"


Ivan Saverchenko: there are all possibilities for the realization of the talents in the Union State

Director of the branch "Institute of literature Yanka Kupala" NASB said that in practice means the concept of a common educational space between our countries


Alexei Kubrin: As a result of online universities, we obtain the material that will be of interest to the industry

Deputy State Secretary of the Union State Kubrin Alex participates in the V Forum of universities of engineering and technological profile of the Union State


Alexander Karlyukevich: "The literature continues to be an instrument of unity of peoples"

Director, editor in chief of "Zvezda" publishing house - information about the function of the writer's words and the young authors


Irina Bumagin: "Belarusian and Russian scientists are developing hundreds of joint projects"

Each year, the Foundation for Fundamental Research from Russia (RFBR) and Belarus (BRFFR) organize competitions as a result of which scientists in both countries receive financial assistance in the implementation of their ideas. In the midst of the implementation of projects in the 2016/2017 years, and on 30 September ended accepting applications for Youth Competition.


Vladimir Putin: The process of pairing EAEU and the Economic Belt of the Silk Road - the basis for the formation of a large Eurasian Partnership

In anticipation of the VIII Summit of BRICS in India, the Russian President said in an interview with RIA Novosti news agency IANS Indian and integration processes in Eurasia


Denis Bezrukov: Press tours for representatives of the allied media allow to establish cooperation between regions

Says Deputy Head of the Department of Social Policy and Information Support of the Permanent Committee of the Union State


Margarita Levchenko: The country is strong when it grow strong in body and spirit, educated young people

Head of the Department of Social Policy and Information Support of the Permanent Committee of the Union State said sports day for children and youth, the next stage of which started in Vitebsk


The Union State has made the first step on the road to the revolutionary transformation of the budget process, - Irina Pavlovskaya

The Union State is being unprecedented efforts to improve the budget process


Grigory Rapota: The Belgorod Region is very meaningful, and the development of industry and economy, agriculture, and science

September 27 as part of the tour "Development of the agro-industrial complex of Russia. The experience of the Belgorod region, "the State Secretary of the Union State Grigory Rapota and Belgorod Governor Yevgeny Savchenko


Alexander Lukashenko: The deepest integration - is the construction of the Union State

In an interview with news agency Tass, President of Belarus told about the integration processes on the post-Soviet space


Grigory Rapota: Made very much to the Russians do not feel foreigners in Belarus and Belarusians - in Russia

State Secretary of the Union State took part in the "Close-up" on the TV channel "Belarus-1"


Vladimir Karyagin: We are just beginning to realize the potential which lies in cooperation between Russia and Belarus regions

Chairman of the Presidium of the Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship talked about what kind of place is occupied by Russia and Belarus in the economies of each other, and shared his vision of the prospects for further expansion of ties between the two countries (part 2)


Abadan Pollyeva: "Organizational-analytical department, from the preparation of the Union State bodies - to the analysts and the search for new solutions"

Head of the Organizational and Analytical Department of the Permanent Committee of the Union State told about the main directions of the work headed by her department in 2016


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