Milestones in History

While traveling in the Union State: What to see in Pinsk

This city was once attracted the best minds in Europe, was the center of the Jesuit movement and is still considered one of the most beautiful places in Belarus


Secrets of the ancient castle: going on Christmas vacation in Nesvizh

For a festive fairy tale - in the nest of the Radziwills


While traveling in the Union State: What to see in Brest

Wooden bridge centuries ago, who went home on them people with a history of dozens of trains, and perhaps the last representative of a rare profession is now waiting for tourists in the city, has become famous in the Great Patriotic


While traveling in the Union State: What to see in Kobrin

In one of the oldest cities in the Brest region can be found numerous traces of Alexander Suvorov, discover the history of Russian wars and marvel at the church, which once moved through the city


While traveling in the Union State: What to see in Baranovichi

The mosaics Vasnetsov favorite linden Adam Mickiewicz and the most unusual monuments of the country gathered in one city that arose once from almost anything on the tracks


Union State celebrated 16 years

December 8, 1999 the presidents of Russia and Belarus signed a treaty of alliance


Alexander Chizhevsky: the path of "sun worshiper" to "father of heliobiology"

Grodno land gave the world one of the greatest scientists of Belarusian origin - the father of science heliobiology Alexander Chizhevsky. (Part 1)


50 years of stellar discoveries Minsk planetarium celebrated anniversary

This summer Minsk planetarium noted significant date, the 50th anniversary of its founding. July 29, 1965 "star house" was inaugurated at the highest point of Gorky Park in Minsk


Hot day for Konstantin Simonov

In July 1941, the famous Soviet writer was the first who spoke throughout the Union of the battles for Mogilev


Grodno leaders and the Standing Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly met with the Belarusian historians

48th session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union of Belarus and Russia, held in June in the ancient Grodno can be called historic. Although, if only because it began with great history


Day of Russia: 25 years Declaration of Independence

June 12 is celebrated the Day of Russia. This year to celebrate the anniversary - 25 years ago, June 12, 1990, I Congress of People's Deputies of the RSFSR adopted the Declaration of State Sovereignty, which proclaimed the supremacy of the Russian Constitution and its laws


"I am dying, but do not give up!"

One of the most heroic pages of history of the Great Patriotic War - a feat the sailors of the Pinsk River Flotilla


Second mother of Basil Shukshin

The fate of Basil Shukshin huge role played Olga Rumyantsev, head of the department of prose magazine "October". Vasyl Kravchuk called Olga Mikhailovna "second mother" and in honor of her younger daughter named Olga


The man who built Moscow

Great architect Ivan Zholtovsky, born in Belarus, has designed dozens of buildings in Moscow - but his first job he wanted to do in Irkutsk


Descendants of Victory generals met with young voters

March 13, 2015 the Central Election Commission, the meeting of the CEC of Russia Vladimir Churov and representatives of the Foundation for the Memory of Victory c generals young voters


In the Union state celebrated Admiral of the Russian fleet

In October this year marks the 275th anniversary of the birth of the Russian Admiral Illarion A. Pavlishin. In our time the name of this distinguished naval commander known. Meanwhile, he did much to strengthen the power of the military fleet, participated in fierce naval battles, in the far dangerous voyages.


Petersburg - the sea capital of Russia

And this city, and the fleet on its shipyards built the whole country. The country, like, according to the figurative expression of Pushkin, "launched on the ship." "St. Petersburg calls" builders and artists from all over European Russia solved the problem of personnel and population "young city". Sea coast, river, water has become a source of energy of this city.


The beginning of the Soviet nuclear submarine epic

on March 5, 1946, Winston Churchill, who was in the US with a visit, gave a speech before the public in the city of Fulton. In the presence of the President of the United States Gtrman he called for the creation of the Anglo-American Alliance to fight against "international communism, Soviet Russia and the Soviet military threat". This speech marked the beginning of the "cold war".


The great war uncut and political speculation

to Say that Russia's participation in world war mythologized and confusing - it does not say anything. Maybe the main reason that started the war, neither the king nor his Ministers and generals did not determined the goals of the war. We are not talking about the fact that these goals were obviously not feasible. They didn't know what he wanted.


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