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Director of the Cherepovets Foundry and Mechanical Plant: The Union product should squeeze goods from third countries from our market

Vladimir Boglaev spoke about joint Russian-Belarusian projects that are being implemented at the enterprise


Alexander Tuzikov: "If we want to further develop cooperation on outer space, then it should be done within the framework of the Union State"

The Seventh Belarus Space Congress, organized by the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, hosts an exhibition of the latest achievements of scientists in the field of space technologies


Alexei Kubrin: It is necessary to create a Russian-Belorussian group of 24 satellites

The Deputy State Secretary of the Union State took part in the inauguration of the Seventh Belarusian Space Congress, organized by the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Rector of BNTU Sergei Kharitonchik: Russian universities help train personnel for Belarusian nuclear energy

On the basis of the BNTU is the VI Forum of Universities of the Engineering and Technology Profile of the Union State


Andrei Ionin: Russia and Belarus can become leaders in the development of digital protection

A member of the Expert Council under the Government of the Russian Federation Andrey Ionin told about the allied strategy


Romano Prodi and Gerhard Schroeder at the 10th Eurasian Economic Forum in Verona urged the EU to fight sanctions against Russia

Despite the sanctions and the threat of political obstruction, the jubilee X Eurasian Economic Forum in Verona adopted a record number of participants - about 960 people. Most of them represent business and politics of different European countries


Tatiana Valovaya: Eurasian Forum in Verona is a platform where we say that we need to intensify the dialogue between EAEU and the EU

Member of the Board (Minister) for Integration and Macroeconomics of the Eurasian Economic Commission (ECE) addressed the first session of the 10th Eurasian Forum in Verona


We need to learn new things, otherwise we will stay behind the board of progress

A regular meeting of the Russian-Belarusian expert club was held in Moscow. Theme of the meeting - "Entering Export Markets as a Resource of New Industrialization of Belarus and Russia"


Vladimir Makarov: Participants in the West-2017 repulsed the enemy's attacks and went on the counteroffensive

The head of the Information Department of the Ministry of Defense of Belarus told about what happened on the penultimate day of the large-scale exercise of the troops of Russia and Belarus


Vladimir Makarov: Reflection of aggression against the Union State

Head of the Information Department of the Ministry of Defense of Belarus spoke about the peculiarities of the exercises "West-2017"


Andrejs Zagars: The action of La Traviata has been postponed in the Bolshoi Theater of Belarus these days

On September 8, the Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theater of the Republic of Belarus will host the premiere of Giuseppe Verdi's "La Traviata", staged by the famous Latvian director Andrejs Jagars. He told not only about the features of the production, but also about how he works in Belarus


Mikhail Mikhadyuk: The leadership of the Union State pays much attention to the construction of BelNPP

Within the framework of the press tour "Interaction between Belarus and Russia in the field of nuclear energy" organized by the Permanent Committee of the Union State, the National Press Center of the Republic of Belarus and the Russia Today, the Deputy Energy Minister of Belarus answered journalists' questions


Viktor Chaplinsky: When they say that Korolev was a good boy - do not believe it!

One of the fathers of Russian space navigation, a native of the Vitebsk region, the chief scientist of the Space Systems Research Institute named after A.A. Maksimov Vladimir Chaplinsky turned 85 years old


Mikhail Serkov: Our main problem is that we do not know how to advertise ourselves

Deputy Chairman of the Brest Regional Executive Committee spoke about how the region can draw attention to the products


Vitaly Ignatenko: "Internet development is of interest to everyone now, and it is important for us to determine the place of the Russian press in this process"

With the laying of flowers and wreaths at the Victory Monument in Minsk, the XIX World Congress of the Russian Press "Partnership for the Future: The Priorities of Modern Civilization" began. About 200 journalists from more than 50 countries of the world came to Minsk


130 years - and still normal flight

July 7 marks the 130th anniversary of the great Belarusian-Russian-French artist Mark Chagall. Noting his anniversary, we decided to ask several identical questions to the researchers of his work.


Natalia Kovkil: Philosophy of law as a scientific direction is formed in the post-Soviet space with a very big complexity

Associate Professor of the Department of Theory and History of Law of the Belarusian State Economic University - on the project to create a Russian-Belarusian Center for Philosophical and Legal Studies


Sergei Mikhalchenko: Bryansk State University cooperates with all state universities of Belarus

Director of the Research Institute of Fundamental and Applied Research of the Bryansk State University - joint projects of Belarusian scientists with researchers of the Bryansk University


Vladimir Osipovsky: Cultural cooperation between Vologda, Grodno and Mogilev grows from year to year

Head of the Department of Culture and Tourism of the Vologda region spoke about the cultural ties of Vologda region with Belarusian sister cities


Yaroslav Lissovolik: The remoteness of the EAEU countries from the world markets and outlets to the sea is becoming a challenge from the point of view of economic security

At the meeting of the Russian-Belarusian expert club, the chief economist of the Eurasian Development Bank spoke about the importance of geographic factors in assessing the economic potential of such EAEU members as Belarus and Kazakhstan.


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