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Pavel Svyatenkov: World political system is slowly sliding into dynamic chaos

After the cold war the world has changed - the Soviet Union, which played a role of the second pole in a bipolar world system, broke up, went with the geopolitical arena. Now, it would seem that the hegemony of the United States to seriously challenge may not, and the world has definitely become unipolar.


Alexander Casinos: Russia needs modernization without Westernization

Elements of liberalism and capitalism (i.e. modern) there is in any society, but in a healthy national body freedom and profit take its place, not subordinating the whole country. As for Russia, market relations it always was and should be under strict state control.


Vyacheslav Bondarenko: Not having learned the lessons of the great war, we will not find answers to many questions that bother us (Part 2)

In the modern world the consciousness of any man serves as a testing ground on which their most profitable power in the current economic and political models. This is most clearly by the example of the great war 1914-1918


Valery Kazakov: to Bury the "old Europe" - prematurely

recently, there are many opinions about what the civilization of the West, particularly Western Europe, has terrible crisis that will bring the "old Europe" to disaster, to decay. And, in my opinion, no sign that it should fall apart. On the contrary, it is experiencing a kind of Renaissance.


Vyacheslav Bondarenko: Not having learned the lessons of the great war, we will not find answers to many questions that bother us (Part 1)

In the modern world the consciousness of any man serves as a testing ground on which their most profitable power in the current economic and political models. This is most clearly by the example of the great war 1914-1918


Vitaly Tretyakov: we Need to find new facts and arguments and channels their rasprostraneniya

the impression Is that Russia is very much inferior to the West in the information field. This is seen in connection with the situation in Ukraine. Meanwhile, in Soviet times, we seem to look more dignified in the information and propaganda war against our opponents.


Pavel Svyatenkov: We see no conflict of civilizations, and the conflict of several models of globalization

Today, with the light hand of the American social philosopher and political scientist Samuel Huntington, a lot of talk about the clash of civilizations. In my opinion, the main problem now is not a clash of civilizations. Today we deal with the conflict of several models of globalization.


Vyacheslav Bondarenko: we Have taken not only the Victory - we have taken many victories!

In recent time history of the great Patriotic war actively dressed and rewritten, and Nazism and fascism rehabilitated. But these falsifications, that is, on the hearing and represent only the tip of the iceberg. After all the attacks of the forgers are other values of the Russian World.


Tatiana kovalkova: In the culture category of the "little" revolutionary!

Today a new era of integration. Meanwhile, in recent years our society is clearly slipping break data age-old Russian tradition of cultural relations. Today it is extremely important not to break away from the cultural soil, do not let yourself to engage in ideological nonsense.


Belarus-EU: General contours of the future

the Development of relations between Belarus and the EU and the EU - the Eurasian Economic Union will largely depend on the development of relations between Russia and the EU. Geopolitical mission "bridge", which considers Belarus, may be our task in the framework of the Eurasian integration, which corresponds to the peaceful aspirations of the country's foreign policy


About the First world and its reflection in Russian literature

Centenary of the First world war has awakened public interest in this topic. Artists noticed this attitude, seriously engaged in "development" of this great but forgotten historical era. And what's fiction about the First world? What literary heritage we have, as is the case today?


Belarus in competition integrations

Recently, an agreement was signed on the formation of the Eurasian Economic Union. It does not contain political and ideological component, we are talking about the creation of a global economic cluster. It is expected that the allies will return to questions of political integration to 2018, which implies the formation of a single geopolitical unit.


Valery Beginners: you Need to stop "shifting Sands"

Among social psychologists, there is the term "quicksand effect". Refers to the gradual change of public morals, values, notions of permissible and non-permissive. As it turned out, a little more than two decades was enough that our society is slowly accustomed to the new realities of life.


Vitaly Tretyakov: the War between Russia and Ukraine or Ukraine with Russia impossible

Today, warming his Russophobia policy in the West and part of the dumbed-down propaganda of the population of Western countries talk about the "war on Ukraine, which Russia is either already unleashed, whether it's on the loose.


Alexander Bobylev: What prevents them from Moscow to become a "Mecca for tourists"

Moscow authorities are already not the first year declare their intention to make Moscow tourist town. Problems on the way to the tourist city of Moscow has a lot, but each of them individually and all of them together are not unsolvable. As always and everywhere necessary will, the political will and money.


Alexander Shpakovsky: EEC - the first step in implementing the strategy of "integration of integrations"

the Leaders of the customs Union" has repeatedly declared its commitment to the principle of "integration" with the creation of the common market from the Atlantic to the Pacific ocean. Therefore, the project of the Eurasian Economic Union can be interpreted as the first step of such a strategy.


Mikhail Delyagin: We have forever to beat the West's addiction to be rude to us, including sanctions

representatives of the "Big seven" after the summit in the Hague talked about the new tougher sanctions against Russia. Sanctions can create problems for us, but to cause serious harm Russia needs to take the risk of destabilization of the world economy: in no other way out.


Mr. Arshba: In the fascist international, we must respond by creating international anti-fascist!

Crimeans their unanimous will put a barrier in the path of the "brown plague", which failed to penetrate the Peninsula. But this virus is still walking in the Ukraine. You need to do everything possible to protect the entire brotherly people of Ukraine from neo-fascism.


Vitaly Tretyakov: the West will not be able to isolate Russia. It is unreal

recently, the U.S. Senate approved the bill on sanctions against Russia in connection with the events in the Crimea. A specific set of sanctions, is now considering and the EU. How painful for Russia can be these measures? The point of view of the Dean of the graduate school (faculty) TV Lomonosov Moscow state University political scientist Vitaly Tretyakov.


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