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Vitaly Tretyakov: the War between Russia and Ukraine or Ukraine with Russia impossible

Today, warming his Russophobia policy in the West and part of the dumbed-down propaganda of the population of Western countries talk about the "war on Ukraine, which Russia is either already unleashed, whether it's on the loose.


Alexander Bobylev: What prevents them from Moscow to become a "Mecca for tourists"

Moscow authorities are already not the first year declare their intention to make Moscow tourist town. Problems on the way to the tourist city of Moscow has a lot, but each of them individually and all of them together are not unsolvable. As always and everywhere necessary will, the political will and money.


Alexander Shpakovsky: EEC - the first step in implementing the strategy of "integration of integrations"

the Leaders of the customs Union" has repeatedly declared its commitment to the principle of "integration" with the creation of the common market from the Atlantic to the Pacific ocean. Therefore, the project of the Eurasian Economic Union can be interpreted as the first step of such a strategy.


Mikhail Delyagin: We have forever to beat the West's addiction to be rude to us, including sanctions

representatives of the "Big seven" after the summit in the Hague talked about the new tougher sanctions against Russia. Sanctions can create problems for us, but to cause serious harm Russia needs to take the risk of destabilization of the world economy: in no other way out.


Mr. Arshba: In the fascist international, we must respond by creating international anti-fascist!

Crimeans their unanimous will put a barrier in the path of the "brown plague", which failed to penetrate the Peninsula. But this virus is still walking in the Ukraine. You need to do everything possible to protect the entire brotherly people of Ukraine from neo-fascism.


Vitaly Tretyakov: the West will not be able to isolate Russia. It is unreal

recently, the U.S. Senate approved the bill on sanctions against Russia in connection with the events in the Crimea. A specific set of sanctions, is now considering and the EU. How painful for Russia can be these measures? The point of view of the Dean of the graduate school (faculty) TV Lomonosov Moscow state University political scientist Vitaly Tretyakov.


Nikolai Starikov: the West needs to sow chaos and destabilize the situation in Ukraine. Russia is not interested in this

For Russia it is crucial that its borders were friendly, integrated, prosperous nation - calm Ukraine. I am sure that Russia will make every effort to prevent Ukraine developments in the worst case scenario.


Valery Beginners: We are not aware of the literary processes in the CIS

now, having established between the organizational and creative communications, magazines Russia and CIS countries could share authors and texts, to offer the best works to publishers, to implement joint creative projects, with reflection on their own pages and publications of colleagues.


‘Sweet dreams of Polish pans’

On 11 November about 100,000 people took part in the Independence Day March in Warsaw. During the March several hundred young people attacked Russian Embassy. They threw petrol bombs and firecrackers into the grounds of the Embassy. As a result the building burnt out. This attack was typical of Russophobe events in Poland.

Photo: www.vtabakerke.ru


Valery Novichkov: Figures of culture and art are responsible for the future of the country

Each of us (particularly, those who are the role models through their culture and art) should understand that unless we establish basic ethical and moral values in society, without a rich cultural environment, or a moral upbringing of new generations our country has no future.

Photo by Georgy Pogorelov


Vitaly Tretiakov: we need a clear national policy

The situation that occurred in Biryulevo could have taken place earlier in any other part of Russia. What measures should be taken to prevent the kind of disorder which took place in this Moscow district? We must have a clear and articulated national policy as part of immigration policy.

Photo: www.intelros.ru


Andrey Parshev: Why Ukraine heads to Europe not to Eurasia

In November it is planned to sign an agreement on Ukrainian – EC association. This means that Ukraine will join Western Europe. Many Russian politicians and experts say that Ukraine is renouncing the idea of a Slavic brotherhood and that it is following an anti-Russia policy.

Photo: www.rusbeseda.ru


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