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Sergei Katyrin: Our business activity has increased in the CIS and EAEU

President of the Chamber of Commerce of Russia Sergey Katyrin believes that cooperation between the CIS countries and EAEU has great potential for economic growth. A special role belongs to the Republic of Belarus in these integration structures


How will the tightening of the Russian legislation on the cooperation of scientists of the Union State in the area of ​​GMOs?

Russia in successive steps on its way to the tightening of legislation in the field of GMOs


Union State Experience should be used in the Eurasian Union

Despite the fact that EAEU title contains the word "economy", cooperation within the association is considered a much wider


Stepan Kirichuk: "Parliamentarians of Belarus and Russia will do everything possible for the development of the Union"

Member of the Parliamentary Assembly Committee on foreign policy, first deputy chairman of the Federation Council Committee on the federal structure, regional policy, local government and Northern Affairs spoke about the plans of the Union of Parliamentarians for 2016


Irina Pavlovskaya: The budget of the Union State for 2016 a lot of innovations that will work, in financial terms, it is much more successful and more productive

Head of the Department of Finance and fiscal policy of the Union State Permanent Committee of Irina Pavlovskaya - the adoption of the new budget of the Union State


Belarus and Russia will be a new Military Doctrine of the Union State

The basis for the Military Doctrine of the Union State will be the Russian Military Doctrine of 2015 and Belarus, which will be discussed and adopted in the near future. This is related by members of the Standing Commission of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly Zygmund Valevach and Alexander Mezhuev at a meeting with journalists on February 16


Paul Vzyatkin: "Belarus has built an economy with great export potential"

The Belarusian Embassy hosted a presentation of the export potential of the country to Europe with the participation of foreign diplomats in Moscow on 11 February. Deputy Chief Management Support for International Business - Head of Export Promotion Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Pavel Vzyatkin spoke about the possibilities of modern Belarusian economy


Yuri Makarov: In the framework of the Union State of Belarus and Russia is developing new programs in the space field

Director of the Department for strategic planning and public space program of the Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) - Cooperation of Russia and Belarus in the field of space


"Belarus and Russia there are a number of common challenges for exploration and exploitation of mineral resources", - Elena Gulevich

Such an opinion was expressed by Head of Department of Economy and sectoral programs of the Standing Committee of the Union State


EAEU increasing production of agricultural products

Director of the Agrarian Policy Department of the Eurasian Economic Commission Stanislav Buben sure that the development of agriculture in the Union is encouraging


Valentina Medvedevа: Belarusian and Russian scientists are working on more efficient use of hydrocarbons

Experts realize his idea in the framework of the Union State program "SKIF Nedra", which started in April 2015, said Deputy Executive Director


SKIF will be on protection of oil Secrets

The prime contractor of the Union State program "SKIF-Nedra" appointed NGO "Soyuzneftegazservice." Deputy director of the company Vladimir Turchaninov spoke to our portal about the project details


Oksana Kirilchik: I wish that the relations between Belarus and Russia have developed in the same friendly way as it was until now

Site audience of the Standing Committee congratulated the New Year to the first deputy general director of BELTA


Sergei Leskov: Engage in any field of science in Russia and deal with it in Belarus - a paradox

As part held in Moscow expert and media forum "Vectors of the scientific environment in the Union State. New ideas and people "was held a round table on the problems of science journalism, which was addressed by Sergei Leskov - a member of the Writers' Union and the Union of Russian Journalists


Kirill Filchuk: drifting station "North Pole-2015" can be seen as a joint project of Russia and Belarus

Kirill Filchuk - deputy head of the drifting station "North Pole -2015" for Science, representing the St. Petersburg "Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute", told about the results of this year's Arctic expedition


Alexander Kilchevsky: Already today we are doing genetic passports of more than 70 human genes, account for about 20 and diseases

Chief Scientific Secretary of the NAS of Belarus, corr. NAS Kilchevsky Alexander spoke at the forum "The vectors of the scientific environment in the Union State. New ideas and people"


Sergei Naryshkin: The main objective of the terrorists - to intimidate the people and destroy the values ​​of the civilized world

The joint session of the State Duma and the Federation Council was held in Moscow


Andrey Vasilyev: The Union State is working on a number of health programs

The director of the Department of innovative development and scientific design of the Ministry of Health


Igor Permyakov: Teacher - Chief of all. At all levels

Head of the Central Archive of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation - on the role of the teacher in the patriotic education


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