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Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin meet in Sochi

Together with the heads of state, heads of the governments of Russia and Belarus took part in the negotiations


Joint Collegium of the Ministries of Internal Affairs of the Union State held in Novopolotsk

Representatives of the security agencies of the two countries discussed road safety issues, as well as interaction in international competitions and in capturing offenders


Grigory Rapota: International media forum in Minsk gathers bright representatives of the expert and journalistic community of our countries

The traditional Belarusian International Media Forum "Partnership for the Future" is taking place in Minsk. Every year he has a new topic. This year at the XIII forum they discussed the "Digital Agenda for Media Sphere"


Alexander Lukashenko: Together with Russians, our experts develop advanced technologies

The XXXI International Congress of the Association of Space Flight Participants opened in Minsk. Legendary cosmonauts and astronauts from 18 countries of the world arrived to the capital of Belarus, including from Russia


Alexander Lukashenko: We are people from one root, we are the peoples of one tree - Russians and Belarusians

President of Belarus met with former Russian Ambassador Alexander Surikov


Belarus ready to develop oil fields in Russia

Prime Minister Sergei Rumas announced that Belorusneft is interested in the Caspian shelf


Alyaksandr Lukashenka: As Russia is for us, so Belarus for Russia is an angel-guardian. We are native people

The President of Belarus in an interview to the TV channel "Belarus 1" spoke about the level of relations with Russia


Vladimir Putin - Mikhail Babich: Belarus is our main ally and partner

The President of the Russian Federation appointed Mikhail Babich as Russia's Ambassador to Belarus. In addition, the ex-plenipotentiary of the President in the Volga Federal District will act as special representative for the development of trade and economic cooperation with the Republic


Alexander Lukashenko: We will never destroy any integration association

On August 18, the President of Belarus responded to criticisms in the media and the Internet during his appointment to the Government


Alexander Lukashenko changed direction of the Government, Sergei Rumas appointed as Prime Minister

The head of state announced the corresponding personnel decisions


Dmitry Medvedev: It is necessary to remove obstacles that impede the creation of common markets EAEU

A meeting of the Eurasian Intergovernmental Council was held in St. Petersburg


The term of visa-free stay of foreigners in Belarus is increased to 30 days

The government expects a significant increase in the tourist flow to the Republic


Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko discuss expansion of trade cooperation

The heads of Russia and Belarus agreed to meet in person in the near future


Vladimir Putin: EAEU is the key integration project for Russia

The President of the country noted the importance of unification at the meeting with the leaders of Russian diplomacy


The Day of the Union State was held at the "Slavonic Bazaar in Vitebsk" The program of the Day is made up of official and cultural events

Representatives of the Standing Committee of the Union State also took part in them. By the way, in 2018 the Union State celebrates the 15th anniversary of its presence at the "Slavonic Bazaar."


Alyaksandr Lukashenka: Belarus, Russia and Ukraine will always have a higher connection of any political interests and ambitions

The head of state took part in the holiday "Kupalie", which was held in the agro-town of Alexandria


Vladimir Putin congratulated Alexander Lukashenko on Independence Day

Also, the President of Russia in his congratulatory message confirmed the spirit of continuing constructive teamwork


Alexander Lukashenko: We are strengthening the Union State with fraternal Russia and demonstrating a peaceful policy in relations with all countries

On July 3, Belarus marks the Independence Day and the 74th anniversary of liberation from the Nazi invaders. President of Belarus spoke before the parade in honor of Independence Day


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