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Processes in the integration of Belarus and Russia in the light of the Second Eurasian Forum in Verona

The Second Eurasian Forum has finished in Verona (Italy). The Forum was attended by more than a thousand delegates from different countries of the world. The report by Grigory Rapota, the State Secretary, attracted public attention to the increasing role of the Union State in Eurasian integration.


Investment in the national character. Why don’t the Chinese like Belarusians?

There are conflicting opinions about the Belarusian economy. Some think that it is in decline. Some think that it is a ‘miracle‘ which has retained the advantages of the Soviet economy. Perhaps the active investment in Belarus by China represents their assessment of this.


World War I – recall what is forgotten

In his interview with the Russian media Alexander Lukashenko, the President of Belarus, put an emphasis on the patriotic upbringing of young people and pointed out that such an upbringing should become standard practice in each family. Understanding the history of World War I is an example of how we should be educating the younger generation.


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