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06.03.2018 Alexander Lukashenko: Palace of gymnastics costs money invested in it
The President of Belarus visited the Republican Center for Olympic Training in Rhythmic Gymnastics (Palace of Gymnastics). Alina Kabaeva, the Olympic champion in rhythmic gymnastics, arrived at the opening of the new center
27.02.2018 Igor Petrishenko and Alexei Ostrovsky discussed joint projects of Belarus and the Smolensk region
The subject of the meeting of the Governor of the Smolensk region with the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Belarus in Russia was cooperation in machine building and agriculture
13.02.2018 "The world did not become safer" - Alexander Lukashenko warned against complacency when responding to external and internal challenges
According to the President of Belarus, for the first time since the middle of the last century the world is in a step from the emergence of a global confrontation with the most unpredictable consequences
08.02.2018 Alexander Lukashenko: Russia is not just a friendly country for us, there lives a fraternal people
The President of Belarus met with the Prime Minister of Latvia Maris Kuchinskis
06.02.2018 President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko makes personnel decisions regarding the leadership of a number of republican media
New leaders of the National State TV and Radio Company of Belarus and the newspaper "SB Belarus Today" have been appointed. They will be headed by Ivan Eismont and Dmitry Zhuk, respectively. The head of state also agreed the appointment of Igor Lutskiy as the general director of the television channel STV
02.02.2018 Dmitry Medvedev: The volume of mutual trade in the EAEU increased by 27%
A meeting of the Eurasian intergovernmental council was held in Almaty, in which the heads of governments of the countries participating in the EAEU
30.01.2018 Alexander Lukashenko urged the Belarusian customs to reduce the number of claims from Russia
The President of the Republic held a meeting with the Chairman of the State Customs Committee Yuri Senko
26.01.2018 The President of Belarus signed a decree, which provides for a set of measures to promote employment of the population
An important innovation was the absence in the decree of the norm on levying from able-bodied unemployed citizens a fee to finance government spending
22.01.2018 We are building a single "umbrella" from NATO's "invisibles"
The united system of anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense of the CSTO will be too tough for missiles and aircraft with the technology "Stealth"
15.01.2018 Sergey Lavrov: We are for the fact that there are no borders between Russia and Belarus at all
The head of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs characterized relations within the Union State and assessed the potential of a large Eurasian project
12.01.2018 Vladimir Putin: We need to maintain the momentum in the economy
The President of Russia in the editorial office of Komsomolskaya Pravda met with the leaders of Russian print media and news agencies and answered their questions
11.01.2018 BelAZ is ready to sell its products for crypto currency
The company notes that such a proposal is dictated by the need to keep pace with the times
10.01.2018 Pavel Legky appointed Deputy Minister of Information of Belarus
The relevant resolution was published by the Council of Ministers
01.01.2018 The President of Belarus signed the decree "On the development of the digital economy"
The document introduces the rules of mining and turnover in the country. To legally participate in such activities, it is necessary to be a resident of the "Park of High Technologies"
26.12.2017 Vladimir Putin: The trade turnover between the CIS countries has grown significantly
In the suburban residence of the President of Russia, Novo-Ogaryovo hosted an informal meeting of the heads of states participating in the Commonwealth of Independent States
22.12.2017 The President of Belarus signed the decree "On the development of the digital economy"
The document introduces the rules of mining and turnover in the country. For legal participation in such activities, it is necessary to be a resident of the "Park of High Technologies"
14.12.2017 Vladimir Putin: Eurasian Economic Union is our great achievement
President of Russia during a big press conference touched upon a number of issues of integration cooperation
12.12.2017 Houses of national literatures: from Moscow to Minsk
A representative delegation of the Moscow Literary Institute. A.M. Gorky led by the rector Alexei Varlamov presented the House of National Literatures in Minsk
08.12.2017 Dmitry Medvedev: We will ensure equal rights of Russians and Belarusians for employment and education
The meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Union State was held in Gomel

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