The activities of the Standing Committee

Chairperson of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko held a meeting with State Secretary of the Union State of Russia and Belarus Dmitry Mezentsev

During the meeting, the sides discussed the topics of interaction between Russia and Belarus, the strengthening of cooperation at a new stage of economic integration.


Dmitry Mezentsev: "It is important to update the agreements between the regions of the Russian Federation and Belarus, taking into account digitalization"

State Secretary of the Union State Dmitry Mezentsev noted that the Standing Committee of the Union State sees one of its tasks as facilitating the implementation of the agreements signed by more than 40 constituent entities of the Russian Federation with the government and regions of Belarus.


Natalia Kochanova and Dmitry Mezentsev discussed Belarusian-Russian cooperation within the Union State

In Minsk, the Chairman of the Council of the Republic Natalya Kochanova met with the State Secretary of the Union State Dmitry Mezentsev.


Dmitry Mezentsev congratulates Alexander Lukashenko on his birthday

State Secretary of the Union State Dmitry Mezentsev sent congratulations to the Chairman of the Supreme State Council of the Union State, President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko on the occasion of his birthday.


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