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Secretary of State of the Union State Grigory Rapota Grigory Rapota

Secretary of State
of the Union State

Relations between Russia and Belarus are continuing to improve. This is creating sound foundations for further of work. We have come a long way: some things have turned out well, some things not so well, but (in doing so) the Union State has evolved, it is moving forward. The processes that have occurred in our bilateral relations have provided impetus to the integration movement as a whole ...

Президент России Владимир Путин и Президент Беларуси Александр Лукашенко во время встречи перед заседанием Высшего Государственного Совета Союзного государства России и Беларуси в Большом Кремлевском дворце. 3.03.2015, Москва. Фото: Сергей Гунеев /РИА Новости
Grigory Rapota: Analysis of the programs of the Union State shows their high efficiency 18.01.2018 Grigory Rapota: Analysis of the programs of the Union State shows their high efficiency

A meeting was held at the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus with the participation of the State Secretary of the Union State and representatives of state customers of the programs and activities of the Union State from Belarus in the areas of defense, security, law enforcement, military-technical cooperation and defense industry

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