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12.05.2017 Belarusian builders start building a school in Kaluga
It is expected that the school will be introduced in the first quarter of 2018
12.05.2017 Rostov region is interested in assembly production of tractors "BELARUS"
In the Rostov region, the Trade House of the Minsk Tractor Plant owns a production site prepared for the assembly of energy-saturated machinery
12.05.2017 Visit of business circles of the Vologda region and the Perm region to Minsk is planned May 23
Representatives of Belarusian and Russian companies will meet at the contact-cooperation exchange
12.05.2017 Working meeting of agrarian departments of Belarus and Russia to be held on May 15 in Moscow
Today the specialists of the Rosselkhoznadzor, who inspected the Belarusian enterprises
12.05.2017 For the third time Belarus hosts the contest of scientific and technical creativity of the students of the Union State "Talents of the XXI century"
Today, the Belarusian capital hosted a civil-patriotic campaign "The feat of the people is immortal"
11.05.2017 Belarus and Rostov region sign a roadmap for cooperation development for 2017-2019
The delegation of the Rostov region included representatives of business circles, businesses, heads of municipalities who already have a certain practice of cooperation with Belarus and are ready to expand it
11.05.2017 Oleg Kravchenko: improving relations between Belarus and the West does not contradict a strategic partnership with Russia
The deputy minister stressed that the Belarusian side is really interested in improving relations with the West - the European Union and the United States. "We do not in any way view this as a contradiction to our relations with Russia," said Oleg Kravchenko
11.05.2017 Alexander Lukashenko explains his sharp reaction to the problems with food supplies to Russia
The head of state made these statements at a meeting with the governor of the Rostov region of Russia Vasily Golubev
11.05.2017 Alexander Lukashenko: Belarusian and Russian enterprises need to act in their own market in partnership
The head of state made these statements at a meeting with the governor of the Rostov region of Russia Vasily Golubev
11.05.2017 CIS countries plan to create common database on extremists
This was reported to journalists today by Deputy Director of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia Valery Maksimenko
11.05.2017 Belarusian President meets with Governor of Rostov Region of Russia Vasily Golubev
The President noted the positive dynamics in trade between Belarus and Rostov
11.05.2017 Mikhail Myasnikovich proposes Russian parliamentarians to create conditions for stepping up investment cooperation
With this proposal, the Chairman of the Council of the Republic spoke at a meeting with the Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of the Rostov Region of Russia
10.05.2017 More than 700 veterans of the Great Patriotic War will receive vouchers to the sanatorium in 2017
Including more than 80 - for vouchers purchased from the budget of the Union State

10.05.2017 Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia and Mongolia support Russia's position in the EBRD
EBRD shareholders in July 2014 decided to "freeze" investment in new projects in Russia due to the complication of the geopolitical situation
10.05.2017 Belarus and Rostov region plan to increase trade to $ 500 million
As a result of 2016, the foreign trade turnover of Belarus and the Rostov region amounted to about $ 340 million
05.05.2017 Alexander Lukashenko: Generation of winners has created a powerful economic and cultural potential

This was stated by the President of Belarus at the ceremony of laying wreaths at the Victory Monument in Minsk on the occasion of the 72nd anniversary of the Great Victory
05.05.2017 Vladimir Putin: Triumphant victory over Nazism will remain forever in the history of mankind
The Russian President attended the military parade to commemorate the 72nd anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945

28.04.2017 2.5 million dailies allocated for the festival "Youth - for the Union State!" Rubles
The grand opening of the festival will be held September 14 at the Rostov Academic Theater named after Gorky
28.04.2017 Head of "Belgospischeprom" about the supply of sugar to Russia: We do not interfere with our volumes, but the competition is very serious
The sugar industry accounts for up to 50% of the Belgospischeprom concern's exports
28.04.2017 Rosselkhoznadzor to start second inspection of Belarusian enterprises on May 2
The first inspection in Belarus was held in April this year

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