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03.11.2017 Minsk and Rostov will connect direct flights
The flights will be operated four times a week
03.11.2017 Belarusians will write together with Russians Great ethnographic dictation
According to the head of the Federal Agency for Nationalities Igor Barinov, the dictation's task is that the inhabitants of Russia have a desire "to study their roots, the traditions of their ancestors, to learn more about those who live next door"
02.11.2017 Youth Belarusian-Russian orchestra to give concert in Minsk on November 3
With the same program, the collective performed October 29 in Moscow in the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory
02.11.2017 In the framework of BSU days in Moscow State University, students and teachers of Belarus exchange experience with their Russian counterparts
Students and teachers of the Belarusian State University take part in the International Round Table in Moscow State University
01.11.2017 Slutsk belts - the national treasure of Belarus
Russian journalists visited a well-known Belarusian company as part of a press tour in the Minsk region
01.11.2017 The geography of air communication between Minsk and the regions of Russia is expanding
The flight from Ekaterinburg has been restored. Next in line is Novosibirsk, Kazan, Rostov-on-Don and other cities
31.10.2017 Participants in the Olympics of the Union State shared their impressions
More than 180 schoolchildren of Belarus and Russia came to Minsk to participate in the final stage of the 12th Olympiad of the Union State "Russia and Belarus: Historical and Spiritual Community"
31.10.2017 Journey to the Revolution: a press tour of Belarusian and Russian journalists to the city on the Neva
Representatives of the allied media traveled to the most beautiful city in Russia, the "cradle" of the three Revolutions
27.10.2017 Belarus and Russia intensify cooperation in the sphere of sanitary and epidemiological well-being
Among the priority areas are training of personnel in the field of sanitary inspection, holding joint seminars and conferences on radiation safety issues, interaction of delegations at the international level
27.10.2017 The experience of the functioning of the Centers for Access to Legal Information of Belarus and Russia was discussed in Moscow
The event was organized by the National Center for Legal Information of Belarus in cooperation with the Belarusian diplomatic mission
26.10.2017 Bach - and you are already on stage
Beginning of the tour of the youth orchestra of the Union State
26.10.2017 State Property Committee and Rosreestr intend to create a joint tourist atlas
Questions of the Belarusian-Russian cooperation in the creation of cartographic works were discussed at a joint meeting of the colleges of the two agencies, which takes place October 25-26 in Sochi
26.10.2017 Young scientists of the Union State at the Forum of Higher Educational Institutions of Engineering and Technology Profile Present Author's Developments
In the BNTU on October 24, the VI Forum of the Union State of Higher Educational Institutions of Engineering and Technology Profile
26.10.2017 Member of the Forum of the Union State of Higher Educational Institutions of Engineering and Technology Profile: The event helps young specialists to make themselves known
Evgeny Chukhlantsev participates in the forum for the second time. Last year, the developer became the owner of the third degree diploma of business battle
26.10.2017 Best Youth Innovative Project of the Union State Determined in Minsk
The forum is held with the support of the Standing Committee of the Union State, the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation
23.10.2017 Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia organize joint issue of stamps for the 25th anniversary of MTRK Mir
The Ministry of Communications and Informatization of Belarus will issue a postage stamp "25th anniversary of the interstate TV and radio company" Mir "on October 31
23.10.2017 Belarusian enterprises concluded a number of agreements at the SmartTRANSPORT 2017 forum in St. Petersburg
So, on the first day of the forum, St. Petersburg State Unitary Enterprise Gorelectrotrans (St. Petersburg) signed an agreement on cooperation with Belkommunmash
23.10.2017 People's diplomacy in action
A meeting of the Council of the Tyumen Oblast Public Organization "Union-Integration of the Fraternal Peoples" and the Commission of the Public Chamber of the Tyumen Region on the Development of Public Diplomacy and Work with Compatriots
20.10.2017 Belarusian project Anastasia Lapko is recognized as the best at the international conference of young scientists in Sochi
The development of Anastasia Lapko is a medical sorbent that allows you to remove excess antibodies from the blood
20.10.2017 Nearly 500 children will undergo health improvement this year on the vouchers of the Union State in Lepel's "Pearl"
Since the beginning of the year, more than 350 children have recovered. The program "Day of the Union State" today in the center closes the fourth shift

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