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Milestones in History
15.11.2017 "King Boris is ahead of his time"
With these words, today's residents of Andorra remember a short stay on the royal throne in their small country of His Majesty Boris I, a native of the Belarusian town of Lida, named Boris Mikhailovich Skosyrev
21.10.2017 "And the light shines in the darkness ..."
From the depths of the centuries we shine with the miraculous glow of the Ephesus-Korsun-Polotsk-Toropets Icon of the Mother of God, revered in the Orthodox world as a miraculous (celebration - October 22). How does this great Belarusian and Russian relic have so many names? The history of the holy image of the Theotokos is surrounded by signs and events of historical importance.
17.10.2017 Andrei Rublev: "In the joy of Paradise invoking"
Today, his work is taken for the standard of the church of ancient Russian art, in old manuscripts he is called the ascetic and the visionary, "all superior to the wisdom in the wisdom", and for several centuries in succession it follows the glory of the first icon painter in Russia
10.10.2017 Laying down souls for their friends: the pioneers-heroes
Once, every schoolboy in Russia, Belarus and other union republics knew the names of Marat Kazeya, Zina Portnova, Loni Golikov and Vali Kotik - and these names were admired. Still, these guys from 14 to 16 years bravely fought with the Nazi invaders, were awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union!
09.10.2017 "We collect diligently the letters, fix the registers, interlace the sheets ..."
On October 6, employees of archival institutions of the Republic of Belarus celebrate their professional holiday
18.09.2017 Maxim Tank: People's Song of Belarus
September 17 marked the 105th anniversary of the birth of the famous Soviet Belarusian classic, whose poetic work is as talented, so deeply national
11.09.2017 People from the Great War
The history of the group of Belarusian guerrillas, which during the occupation of Minsk was responsible for informing the Center about the situation in the city and the movements of German troops and supplies
09.09.2017 The lamp of the Belarusian land
On September 9, Orthodox Belarusians together with many Russian co-religionists celebrate the day of memory of one of the most revered saints of eastern Belarus - the righteous John Kormyansky (1837-1917).
28.08.2017 Belarusian shrines revealed in August
The history of the three miraculous images of the Blessed Virgin Mary
20.08.2017 Touch the Sacraments of Heaven
Every year on the third Sunday in August, Belarus marks the Day of the Air Force
15.08.2017 Peterhof: to eclipse Versailles
In August 1723 the residence of Peter I on the shore of the Gulf of Finland was opened
08.08.2017 The genius of the European investigation
Arkady Frantsevich Koshko, the greatest detective of the Russian Empire and Europe of the early 20th century - a native of White Russia. He comes from the village of Brozhka in Mogilev region. This year marks 150 years since the birth of this legendary fighter against crime
02.08.2017 Saint Athanasius of Brest: scientist, writer, composer
On August 2, the Russian Orthodox Church honors the memory of St. Athanasius of Brest (1595-1648), an outstanding ascetic, one of the founders of the secular literature of White Russia
22.07.2017 Pavel Sukhoi: The Legend of World Aviation
July 22 marks the 122nd anniversary of the birth of the outstanding Soviet aircraft designer, one of the founders of the national school of jet and supersonic aviation Pavel Osipovich Sukhoi
20.07.2017 "You will know them by business" This year marks the 25th anniversary of the glorification of Princess Elizabeth
Feodorovna as the Monk Martyrs, along with the nun Varvara, executed simultaneously with her in 1918. Monasteries and sisterhoods in the name of the holy martyrs Elizabeth and Barbara are now in Belarus and in Russia
17.07.2017 Memory of the steppe winds
During an official visit to Kazakhstan, Alexander Lukashenko handed over copies of archival documents to Nursultan Nazarbayev for the Memorial Complex for the Remembrance of Victims of Political Repressions and Totalitarianism, which is located on the site of the largest Soviet women's camp - Akmola Camp of Wives of Traitors to the Motherland. Abbreviated - "ALZHIR": one of the most terrible islands of the Gulag
12.07.2017 Yazep Drozdovich: the life of the Belarusian Da Vinci
An artist and an astronomer, a pacifist and a writer who died in poverty, and only decades later he gained fame as a genius (part 2)
07.07.2017 Yazep Drozdovich: the life of the Belarusian Da Vinci
An artist and an astronomer, a pacifist and a writer who died in poverty and only after many decades gained fame as a genius (part 1)
27.06.2017 Arseny Tarkovsky. Shard of the Silver Age
On June 25, the literary world celebrates the 110th anniversary of the birth of the outstanding Russian poet and translator Arseniy Aleksandrovich Tarkovsky
21.06.2017 Andrey Nekrasov: in search of adventure
June 22 marks the 110th anniversary of the birth of the Soviet writer and essayist, the literary "pope" of the famous Captain Vrungel

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