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Milestones in History
07.04.2017 Spring was called - it's time to consecrate a willow!
The seventh of April, on Friday - the feast of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which has long been considered the beginning of all other Orthodox holidays in the Orthodox church calendar
03.04.2017 American Muromets
90 years ago, on April 7, 1927, the American scientist Herbert Ives managed to organize the first public television broadcasting at a great distance. The Americans were then terribly proud of their novelty and somehow did not particularly spread that her father was a Russian with a difficult-to-pronounce name - Zvorykin, sponsored by the Belarusian Sarnoff
27.03.2017 Marc Chagall: an artist dedicated to Vitebsk
On March 28, 1985 the famous artist, born in Belarus, died
20.03.2017 Invincible Victory
The whole Christian world honors the miraculous icon of Our Lady "of Czestochowa," and a special celebration of this image of the Blessed Virgin takes place annually on March 19 Belarus, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Ukraine.
07.03.2017 All legends of Great Lent
Lent began in the cities and towns of Russia and Belarus (and throughout the Orthodox world) on February 27. It will last for seven weeks and will end on Easter, April 16. There are many curious legends - folk and chronicles - about how the glorified ancestors of today's Russians and Belarusians spent the strict time of fasting
20.02.2017 To his mother-in-law on pancakes
In Russia, Belarus and some other Slavic peoples from Monday begins mischievous, songs and gastronomic week - Shrove Tuesday. At the very end, on Forgiveness Sunday, February 26 honest people will see off winter, burn her straw man and ahead of time, from afar to meet spring. Winter was an early and long, so maybe spring red hastened with his advent?
18.02.2017 Mikhail Savitsky: the artist who wrote about the opposition of light and darkness
18 February Belarus marks the 95th anniversary of the birth of one of the really significant artists that represents an entire era. The role of Mikhail Savitsky in the history of art is exceptional. None of the Belarusian artists did not reach such heights of recognition, becoming a national artist of the USSR, Hero of Belarus and one of the symbol of the Belarusian art of the twentieth century
14.02.2017 Valenty William Vankovich: back to basics
February 14, 1800 was born founder of the Belarusian school of portraiture
06.02.2017 Yehuda Peng: the founder of the Vitebsk art school
In late February 1937, 80 years ago, died tragically in Vitebsk People's Artist of Belarus, a student of Ilya Repin, the famous founder of the Vitebsk art school Yehuda (Judel) Pen. Among his pupils - the famous avant-garde artist Marc Chagall
27.01.2017 Rimma Kazakova "Remember me without sadness ..."
January 27, 2017 marks 85 years since the birth of a classic Soviet-Russian poetry, the author of many songs Rimma Kazakova
18.01.2017 Chelyuskinskaya epic: a feat that can not be undone
In the center of Minsk city stretches Park named after the legendary explorers of the North - the crew of the icebreaker "Chelyuskin" and members of the scientific expedition Schmidt. In Belarus, they honor the heroism of Soviet polar explorers, because he led the march through the ice of their fellow countryman
09.01.2017 When they came to the Christmas holidays - then come and matchmakers
Since the dawn of the century in Russia and in Belarus days from the 7th to the 19th of January (New Style, of course) filled with the great church festivals and events, and for so many people - momentous changes in personal life
09.01.2017 The first printer of the glorious city of Polotsk
In 2017, Belarus and the whole world will celebrate the 500th anniversary of the release of the first printed book of Francis Skaryna - the first printer, philosopher, humanist and scientist
07.01.2017 Came yuletide - come and matchmakers
Since the dawn of the century in Russia and in Belarus days from the 7th to the 19th of January (New Style, of course) filled with the great church festivals and events, and for so many people - momentous changes in personal life
03.01.2017 From Nicholas to the Epiphany - sheer fun
Catholics, Uniates, Protestants - in short, all those who are called Christians in Belarus, Western-style, celebrate Christmas. This festival they - the longest in the year, for Christmas time, "holy days" began in Western Christians already on December 19 and will end on January 6, on Catholic Baptism of our Lord Jesus. And then the festive "baton" taken up by the Orthodox believers: their January 6 - Christmas Eve, 7th - Christmas, and then - 12 days of Christmas time, according to the number of the Apostles

25.12.2016 Belarusian Gulliver from the frigate "Pallada"
Belarusian traveler Fate, orientalist, diplomat, linguist and scientist Osip (Joseph) Goshkevich (1815 (14) -. 1875) is full of adventure and struggle, perseverance and not easy to win on the chosen field
05.12.2016 Maxim Bogdanovich: Belarusians from the shore of the Volga
125 years since the birth of Belarusian literature classics celebrated December 9
01.12.2016 Victor Dragunsky: he is alive and glows
Some facts from the biography of the Soviet writer - a native of Belarus
21.11.2016 Kupyatitskaya icon: the oldest of all Belarus Marian images
November 28 believers the Belarusian land, and all Orthodox Christians revere Kupyatitskuyu icon of the Mother of God - the oldest and most unusual in their artistic embodiment.
10.11.2016 "The Road to Calvary": The First World War on the ground in Belarus
Establish the chronology of some events of 1914-1918

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