Milestones in History

Belarus 100 years ago: time, events, people

How did Belarus live exactly a century ago? We offer a story about the events of March 1919


"For your friends"


Naroch operation: how Russians and Belarusians saved France from the Germans

On the territory of Belarus numerous burials of the times of the First World War have been preserved, the centenary of which the world celebrates these days


Unique and unforgotten: the past and the present of the Lubchansky castle

On the left bank of the Neman River, surrounded on three sides by moats, stands the majestic monument of architecture of the XVI century - the Lubchansky Castle. This landmark building for Grodno combines the features of two architectural styles - Gothic and Renaissance.


Carry your cross to the end

On October 28, Orthodox churches in Belarus and Russia honor the memory of twenty-three new martyrs of the Minsk Diocese - clergymen who were shot in Stalin's dungeons and tortured to prison


The death of the empire: consolation from heaven

Not all miraculous icons of the Mother of God were revealed to believers in times long gone. Some images of the Blessed Virgin Mary, revered by the Orthodox Church, entered the life of millions of people from Russia and Belarus already in the era of the modern history of our society, riven by doubts bordering on unbelief


Returning names to heroes: search engines near Rzhev are looking for the remains of Soviet soldiers who died during the war

To take part in the expedition, volunteers travel from all over the former Soviet Union


Serpukhov and Slutsk: "red" churches, weavers and princes

If we compare these two sister cities-one in Moscow and the other in the Minsk region-then it may feel that they have become related a long time ago. And they followed similar historic ways, having assigned (to a certain extent) responsibility for the fate of the Fatherland, be it Russia or Belarus. The current tourist who decided to visit Serpukhov or Slutsk, much reminds of the times when these cities played a significant role in the conscious choice by our ancestors of Orthodoxy, nationality, original culture


Water, salt and willow vines

In August, 60 years old, the Belarusian city of Salihorsk, was one of the founders of which was the famous hydrogeologist, Academician Gerasim Bogomolov. The son of the scientist, the chairman of the Russian Union of hydrogeologists Rosgidrogeo Yury Bogomolov told us about it


"Guerrillas tear the ways - neither to pass nor to pass"

In the National Archives of the Republic of Belarus there is a documentary exhibition "Mine" Concert "for the occupiers". It is dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the beginning of the "Rail War" - a major partisan operation, which was conducted from August 3 to September 15 in the occupied territory of the BSSR, the RSFSR and partially the Ukrainian SSR


How "the lightest" became a saint

On August 24, the Orthodox world celebrates the day of memory of the great Belarusian saint - the Reverend Prince Fyodor Ostrozhsky. The contribution of this person to the cause of the formation and enlightenment of Orthodox Belarus is invaluable and timeless


"That's what destiny ordered"

An elderly couple from Great Britain sets up monuments to Holocaust victims in Belarus


Gruzdov icon - shrine of White Russia

From ancient times our ancestors called July "the crown of the summer". In the midst of the suffering, they prayed in their own words: "Bless the crown of the summer of Thy mercy, Lord." Do not forget the pious peasants and bow to the nearby shrines, which were necessarily in every locality. There is such an ancient relic in the small village of Gruzdovo, Molodechno district, in the local church of the Deposition


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