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06.12.2017 Iya Malkinа: "We must leave from such facilities as a landfill for the storage of waste"
The First Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of the Republic of Belarus spoke about the natural zone "Zapovednoe Poozerye", the use of the territories affected by the Chernobyl accident, and the storage of waste
06.12.2017 "Sonar-2050": we will create the future
In Minsk, a report was presented by Russian and Byelorussian experts of the factory of allied meanings "Sonar-2050" on the theme "Union of Russia and Belarus: Challenges of the Future". It was about the opportunities for the development of the Union State in the struggle for leadership in the 21st century
06.12.2017 Russia has three allies - the army, the navy and Belarus
In Russia, a good attitude towards Belarus has not changed, I'm sure the general director of the radio station "Says Moscow" Vladimir Mamontov
05.12.2017 Galina Filippovich: "Development of low-carbon industries in the Union State is necessary"
An expert-media seminar took place in Minsk, where topical issues of the environmental security of the Union State were discussed
04.12.2017 Nikolai Efimovich: The general information space in the Union State was held
In the talk show "There is a question!" On the channel "BelRos" discussed the creation of a single information space in the Union State
04.12.2017 Political scientist Vyacheslav Sutyrin: We need to establish a dialogue between the young experts of Russia and Belarus
The proposal to create a platform for such cooperation was submitted to the Permanent Committee of the Union State
01.12.2017 Maria Germenchuk: "Belarusian weather forecasters are trained in Roshydromet"
An expert-media seminar took place in Minsk, where topical issues of the environmental security of the Union State were discussed
01.12.2017 Grigory Rapota: Integration is alive only with real-life projects that benefit
A scientific conference devoted to the interaction of EAEU and the European Union was held at the Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Participation in it was received by the State Secretary of the Union State
30.11.2017 Daria Moskovskaya: "It's time to consolidate our ties with Belarusian colleagues at the institutional level"
Deputy Director of the Institute of World Literature. A.M. Gorky spoke about cooperation with Belarusian colleagues and further plans to study the literary heritage of the Union State
27.11.2017 Historical Brotherhood
Russian and Belarusian scientists, as well as teachers of schools and universities intend to produce a collection of scientific articles on key issues of the history of the two states
27.11.2017 Timerbulat Karimov: The united root system unites our literature and peoples
The Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Fund for Support of Humanitarian Programs for the Preservation and Development of National Literatures spoke about the promotion of the study of classical literature among children and youth of the Union State
13.11.2017 Deputy Director of Belagrozdravnitsy: We are honored to receive veterans on allied permits
A representative of Belarus visited the Day of the Union State in the sanatorium "Karacharovo" in the Tver region
11.11.2017 From the Union State to Greater Eurasia
Within the framework of the "Know the Eurasia" Association organized by the Association together with the "Roskongress" foundation of the II Swiss-Russian seminar in Lugano, we managed to ask several questions to the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation to the Swiss Confederation, Sergei Harmonin
10.11.2017 Polotsk State University will train specialists in 3D-graphics and 3D-design
Within the framework of the press tour organized by the Permanent Committee of the Union State jointly with the National Press Center of the Republic of Belarus on the topic "Actual issues of cooperation between the Minsk region and the regions of Russia" a group of Russian and Belarusian journalists visited the Polotsk State University

02.11.2017 Project manager of the Russian-Belarusian machine-building cluster: This idea has a great future
Joint work of our countries on the Vologda land will create a competitive product
01.11.2017 Director of the Cherepovets Foundry and Mechanical Plant: The Union product should squeeze goods from third countries from our market
Vladimir Boglaev spoke about joint Russian-Belarusian projects that are being implemented at the enterprise
01.11.2017 Alexander Tuzikov: "If we want to further develop cooperation on outer space, then it should be done within the framework of the Union State"
The Seventh Belarus Space Congress, organized by the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, hosts an exhibition of the latest achievements of scientists in the field of space technologies
24.10.2017 Alexei Kubrin: It is necessary to create a Russian-Belorussian group of 24 satellites
The Deputy State Secretary of the Union State took part in the inauguration of the Seventh Belarusian Space Congress, organized by the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
24.10.2017 Rector of BNTU Sergei Kharitonchik: Russian universities help train personnel for Belarusian nuclear energy
On the basis of the BNTU is the VI Forum of Universities of the Engineering and Technology Profile of the Union State
23.10.2017 Andrei Ionin: Russia and Belarus can become leaders in the development of digital protection
A member of the Expert Council under the Government of the Russian Federation Andrey Ionin told about the allied strategy

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