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03.03.2017 Yerzhan Nurakhmetov: EAEU and China intend to create a huge network of roads and railways
Director of the Department of Transport and Infrastructure of the Eurasian Economic Commission shared large-scale plans to improve the communication routes of the Eurasian space
28.02.2017 About 1.7 million people were included in the list of "non-entry" to the Union State
This was told in Minsk by the head of the Belarusian Interior Ministry Igor Shunevich
28.02.2017 Sergei Rakhmanov: Decisions at the regional level are made faster and work is more active
The meeting of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union of Belarus and Russia on Foreign Economic Affairs was held in the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of Belarus
27.02.2017 Gennady Kovalchuk: I have no doubt that the new Union program in the field of comprehensive security will be implemented
The General Director of JSC Planar spoke about the company's long-term plans
16.02.2017 Gennady Bolbatovsky:. Nearly 83 thousand children from Chernobyl-affected regions of Belarus received 2016 vouchers to resorts
This was announced by Director of the National Center for Health Improvement and Sanatorium treatment population
13.02.2017 Andrei Lyshenko: "We hope that the results of program" SKIF Nedra " will be in demand in the oil and gas industry"
Representative of the Ministry of Education and Science, Public Procurement program, told how the Allied advance in the development of supercomputer technologies
06.02.2017 Tatiana Glazunova: "We must stop thinking that someone will come to us, will stand in line and buy"
In Minsk, entrepreneurs and representatives of allied organizations were discussed at the round table meeting EAEU prospects for Belarus and the Russian business
01.02.2017 Alexander Olszewski: EAEU need to learn from the experience of the Union State
General Director of "Eurasian International Cooperation Agency," a member of the Russian-Belarusian Business Council, discussed at the round table in Minsk EAEU prospects, drew attention to the role in this process of the Union State
30.01.2017 Olga Politico: "Russia and Belarus need to go to third markets and compete with them"
In Minsk, a round table on "Eurasian Economic Union of Belarus and Russia Business: expectations and reality, prospects and new challenges"
23.01.2017 In 2018 the Union State will embark on a new program in the field of space
This year ends with the realization of "Monitoring-SG" Belarusian-Russian program. However, Belarus and Russian scientists are not going to rest on our laurels
16.01.2017 Mukai Kadyrkulov: Before "launch" of the new Customs Code EAEU need to reconfigure the information technology
Completed great work on the preparation of the updated Customs Code of the Eurasian Economic Union. On the advantages of the new document said a member of the Board (Minister) for Customs Cooperation of ECE
13.01.2017 Philippe Pegorier: Association of European Businesses in favor of EU cooperation and EAEU
President of the Russian branch of the French corporation Alstom, a board member of the Association of European Businesses said on the business community with regard to sanctions and integration on the continent
10.01.2017 Valery Koreshkov: Single Market EAEU drugs improve the quality of products and their availability
The total market of medicines and medical devices of the Eurasian Economic Union had to earn back in 2016, but due to difficulties with the development of regulations has moved his start at 2017 minutes. On the preparatory work and the benefits of the new system said a member of the Board (Minister) for Technical Regulation ECE, the former head of the State Standard of Belarus
26.12.2016 Jumaкadir Akeneev: Kyrgyzstan is waiting for a lot of integration in the Eurasian space
Doctor of Economics, ex-Minister of Agriculture of Kyrgyzstan spoke about the prospects for economic and cultural cooperation in the framework of the EAEC and other regional structures
22.12.2016 Sergei Palagin: Economic Belarus can not turn on the west, and the political turn – Utopia
Director of the Minsk Foreign Policy and Security Research Center considers unrealistic prospect of cooling relations within the Union State
19.12.2016 Zhumakadyr Akeneev: Following the entry into EAEU our trade turnover with Belarus increased in multiple sizes
Doctor of Economics, ex-Minister of Agriculture of Kyrgyzstan told about how the entry into EAEU impact on the country's foreign economic relations
16.12.2016 Antonio Faliko: Russia awaits GDP growth, the situation in Belarus will also improve
The head of the bank's board of directors, "Intesa", president of "Discovering Eurasia" Association shared his views on the economic situation in the two countries in the short term
15.12.2016 Tatiana Batysheva: At the Russian and Belarusian peoples can do more
Chief children's neurologist of Moscow called for an exchange of experience of the Union State of physicians
07.12.2016 Vadim Polonsky: We are not just brothers, we - brothers with thousands of years of common destiny
Director of the Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of World Literature im.A.M.Gorkogo - its Institute, the relevance of the heritage of Maxim Gorky and the literary collaboration of Belarus and Russia
07.12.2016 Lilia Koval: "Banks need to trust more women entrepreneurs"
Vice-Chairman of the Minsk Capital Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers told what business woman can teach business men

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