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08.12.2017 Dmitry Medvedev: We will ensure equal rights of Russians and Belarusians for employment and education
The meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Union State was held in Gomel
08.12.2017 Meeting of the Council of the Union State: agreement on the recognition of visas, closed communication channel and the fight against terrorism
As the Secretary of State of the Union State Grigory Rapota told reporters after the meeting, the agreement on the recognition of visas in the Union State can be signed by the end of the year
06.12.2017 Vetka: a publishing project with the support of the Permanent Committee of the Union State.
Publishing house "Belarusian Encyclopedia named after Petrus Brovka", Minsk, 2017
05.12.2017 Prospects for trade with Russia and the Union State discussed in Turin
In the second half of November the Italian-Russian Business Seminar "Industry and Cultural Heritage for a New Development Model" organized by the Association "Let's Know Eurasia" was held in Turin, Italy
04.12.2017 Alexei Ivanov, Julia Zaitseva. «Debri»
Publishing house AST, Moscow, 2017.
01.12.2017 Hope of Yasminsk. "A wax wizard, or a Fairy tale knocks on the door"
Four Quarters Publishing House, Minsk, 2017
01.12.2017 Bilateral meetings of heads of states arriving at CSTO summit held in Minsk
During the main part of the event, the presidents will discuss the global situation and further plans to strengthen the organization
01.12.2017 Alexander Lukashenko: CSTO summit became an open and principled conversation among the closest states in this world
Heads of states, members of the association, held a meeting in Minsk
30.11.2017 Five wonders of Belarus
Country-neighbor, which we did not know, but wanted to open
29.11.2017 "Pearls of Russia and Belarus"
Publishing house "Belarusian Encyclopedia named after Petrus Brovka", Minsk, 2017
24.11.2017 Russia and Belarus will exchange data on their citizens who are prohibited from traveling abroad
The document is agreed upon and will be signed on December 8 at a meeting of the Union Council of Ministers
23.11.2017 Journalists of Allied Media Attends Economic Seminar in Lugano
November 22 in Lugano II Swiss-Russian seminar was held
23.11.2017 Belarus liberalizes relations between the state and business
Alexander Lukashenko signed a decree "On the development of entrepreneurship", which reduces the level of state regulation of business and provides more freedoms to those engaged in economic activities
17.11.2017 "November" became the best on "Listapadze"
The main film festival of Belarus "rusted" the prizes in Minsk
16.11.2017 Yakub Kolas: a song of the Belarusian people brought up by Russian classics
The Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in Moscow hosted a creative evening in honor of the 135th anniversary of the famous poet
15.11.2017 Vladimir Makei: There are no differences between Russia and Belarus that can not be resolved by reasonable compromises
The head of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry held a meeting in Moscow with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov
13.11.2017 Defense departments of Russia and Belarus discussed protection of external air borders of the Union State
At the collegium of the defense ministries of the two countries, which was held on November 10, the results of the exercise "West-2017"
13.11.2017 VIII inter-parliamentary Games held in Moscow
This year, parliamentarians of Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Germany, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Serbia and Croatia participated in them.
07.11.2017 "Lyudzi dvazzsts perchaga stagodzya! Yes you zvernuty our garachy words prititannya! .."
At a meeting with journalists, participants of the press tour organized by the Standing Committee of the Union State together with the National Press Center of the Republic of Belarus on the topic "Actual issues of cooperation of the Minsk region with the regions of Russia", the chairman of the Polotsk district executive committee told about the opening of the capsules laid down for the 100th anniversary of the revolution from " messages to descendants "

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