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07.03.2017 Dmitry Medvedev: Overcoming the decline in trade in the EAEU is an urgent task for this year
A meeting of the Eurasian intergovernmental council was held in Bishkek, in which the heads of the Cabinet of Ministers of the five states that are members of the association
07.03.2017 The Kremlin recalled the words of the President of the Russian Federation that Russia "cherishes" relations with Belarus
The Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov commented on the progress of the meeting of the EAEU Intergovernmental Council in Bishkek and also told journalists about the process of preparation of the Supreme State Council of Russia and Belarus and reminded that Vladimir Putin has traditionally treated as one of the main priorities for the development of the EAPS
01.03.2017 Vladimir Putin - about relations between Russia and Belarus: There are always disputes. I am confident that we will find a way out of any situations
The Russian market is fully open for Belarusian goods, and supporting the economy of the neighboring state is still a priority for Moscow's foreign economic activity. This was announced by the President of the Russian Federation during a press conference in Bishkek, which took place after the talks between the Russian leader and his Kyrgyz counterpart Almazbek Atambaev
07.02.2017 Alexander Lukashenko: Russians - our closest brothers
President of Belarus during a meeting with Kostroma Region Governor Sergey Sitnikov said that the allied relations between the two countries are developing due to the inter-regional cooperation
03.02.2017 Alexander Lukashenko: As long as I am President, no one stone toward the Russian people, the Russians will not cast
President of the Republic of Belarus in Minsk held a meeting with representatives of the public, journalists of Belarusian and foreign mass media and experts
03.02.2017 The Kremlin commented on the financial claims of Minsk to Moscow
Also in the Kremlin considered incorrect statement of Minsk that the introduction of border zones on the border with Belarus violate any international treaties
03.02.2017 Russia expects that the agreement with Belarus Union State Supreme Council dates
In the Russian Federation hopes that Belarus will agree with the date of the Supreme Council for the discussion of topical issues of the Union State, the press-service of the Kremlin
02.02.2017 Preparing always goes to the Supreme State Council of the Union State
A spokesman for the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov, told the newspaper "Izvestia" on the preparation of the meeting of Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko in Moscow, where be held a meeting of the Supreme State Council of the Union State
01.02.2017 "Safety systems built in the framework of the Union State, are very clear"
Belarusian expert in the field of Alexander Tishchenko said the national security, that arriving in Minsk to foreigners without visas will be checked and Belarusian, and Russian bases
25.01.2017 Natalia Kochanova: Belarus and Russia has always been and will be close partners
During the meeting with the staff of JSC "Slutsk Sugar Refinery" the head of the Presidential Administration of Belarus, noted that Belarus and Russia cooperate closely within the framework of integration processes
23.01.2017 Belarusian gadget named one of the ten most promising developments of the world
Kino-Mo allows you to create to-air 3D versions of images and video. Already, there is a demand for the development on the Russian and Belarusian markets
19.01.2017 Marianna Shchetkina: Forum of Belarus and Russian regions - a special platform that provides the ability to integrate highly
In Moscow the first meeting of the organizing committee of the forum, which was attended by Vice-President and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union of Belarus and Russia, the vice-speaker of the Council of Republic of the National Assembly of Belarus
Sergey Lavrov: "In the legal field Union state decided to align the rights of citizens of both countries in all the fields" 17.01.2017 Sergey Lavrov: "In the legal field Union state decided to align the rights of citizens of both countries in all the fields"
Russian Foreign Minister during a big press conference spoke about the formation of a single migration policy in Russia and Belarus, as well as the integration processes on the post-Soviet space, the prospects EAEU and the project "Big Eurasia"
12.01.2017 Foreign Minister of Belarus: "The country will never be the gravedigger of the integration processes in the CIS"
Vladimir Makei noted that the Commonwealth includes countries with "different interests, different foreign policy and economic objectives"
11.01.2017 Alexander Lukashenko: The integration process of the country should be united family
Belarus President was speaking at the ceremony of awarding the prizes "For Spiritual Revival", special prize of culture and art, and "Belarusian Sports Olympus".
10.01.2017 Citizens of 80 countries will be on for five days in Belarus without a visa
Alexander Lukashenko signed a decree approved the list of countries, which have entered, including all European Union countries
30.12.2016 Vladimir Putin: 2016 confirmed the lasting value of the Russian-Belarusian friendship
This is stated in the congratulatory message of the Russian President to address his Belarusian counterpart
27.12.2016 51th session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Belarus-Russia Union, new union members and the new Union budget
The session was attended by the State Secretary of the Union State Grigory Rapota
26.12.2016 In St. Petersburg, signed a new edition of the Customs Code
In St. Petersburg, a meeting of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council and the session of the CSTO Collective Security Council

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